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Movies Riddles

Movie riddles
Movie #1
Clue #1 It’s a romantic comedy. (Genre)
Clue #2 It takes place his faithful assistant, to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife.
Clue #3 Nicole Kidman is in it.
Clue #4 It’s about love, Hawaii, Doctor.
Clue #5 In the end, everyone heads off to Hawaii for a
ridiculous, out-of-control weekend that tests the limits of how far we'll go for love.

Movie #2
Clue #1 It’s a Comedy.
Clue #2 It takes place Las Vegas.
Clue #3 Bradly Cooper is in it.
Clue #4 It’s about three men.
Clue #5 In the end, they remenber everything.

Movie #3
Clue #1 It’s a Comedy. (Genre)
Clue #2 It takes place Bangkok. (Setting)
Clue #3 Mike Tyson is in it. (Actor)
Clue #4 It’s about three groomsmen.
Clue #5 In the end, they remember everything, and how to get to the wedding.

Top Ten

Radio's Show

Lihex: good morning people! My name is Lihex with the certificate of locution number 59687, and my partner is Elias, we are broadcasting from my Home, for the whole world.
Elias: People Good morning..!! My name is Elias with the certificate of locution number 69874, is a nice morning outside, ok it's time for get up, and have a wonderful day.
*Yes or no Lihex???
Lihex: Yeah Baby! The weather is beautiful outside, and is a perfect day because everything is going to be good to everyone that are listening this radio show.   
Elias: we have an interesting radio show today, because we bring to you different interviews, questions in the street, somebody calling us, and a guest.
*what topics we'll talking about?
Lihex: Well, the topics are: movies, technology, beauty, and others.
Knock, Knock (someone knock on the door)
Lihex: It’s my sister, come here. Elias this is my sister Lianni, Lianni this is my partner Elias.
Elias: Hi Lianni! Nice to meet you J
Lianni: Nice to meet you too! I’m a little exciting because is my first time here.
Lihex: Don’t worry..! Everything it’s going to be ok xD
       Lianni we have a few questions for you.
Elias: what are you studying?
Lianni: I’m studying
Elias: that is an interesting career. Now, we have fast questions and fast answers with the first thing that come to you to the mind.   
Lihex: ¿What movie did you see last night?
Lianni: I saw Transformers 3.
Elias: ¿Whon are the actors?
Lianni: Shia La Beauf and Josh Duhamel.
Lihex: ¿How can you explain the movie?
Lianni: It’s about a robot-car war, some guy tries to help, and save the world with the help of the robot-car.
Lianni: sorry but I have to go! This was a fantastic moment, see you soon guys, and take care.
Elias: Lianni you were incredible, bye
Lihex: was fun having you here with us, thank you very much for coming!
Elias: We have a call..!!
Lihex: hello! Who is it?
Vanessa (audience): hello guys!
Elias: hi vane! I want to speak with you about beauty.
Lihex: we are going to do some fast questions. For you, ¿What is more important inner beauty or outer beauty?   
Vanessa (audience): It’s the inner beauty because it can measure the quality of the people.
Elias:¿Do you think that be extremely skinny is healthy and beautiful?
Vanessa (audience): I think that anything extremely is not good.
Lihex: that is true. ¿Do you fell beautiful every day?
Vanessa (audience): depends of my mood.
Elias: yesterday morning we recorded the segment called questions in the streets, and we found a nice friend called Genesis. We ask her some questions about today topics.
Lihex: Hi! What’s your name?
Genesis (questions in the street): Hi! I’m Genesis.
Elias: can we do a couple of questions to you?
Genesis (questions in the street): yes, no problem!
Elias-Lihex: Ok.
Lihex: What do you think about the next generation of cell phones?
Genesis (questions in the street): Well, I think that the next generation is really cool.
Elias: that's sounds exciting! ¿Why?
Genesis (questions in the street): Because we can do a lot of things. It makes us easy some diary activities.
Elias: ¿why do you use a Smartphone?
Genesis: (questions in the street): I use a Smartphone because I’m a college student and the Smartphone allows me organize all my activities and classes as well as maintaining connections to friends and family. 
Lihex: thank you so much Genesis. See you soon, and take care.
Lihex: sorry guys but we don’t have more time, we have to go..!!!! I hope see you soon, and take care.
Elias: Thanks everybody for listening us! So,
E-L: This was the delicious morning radio’s show because “You can find a different taste”

Making of

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011


Tecnology  is one of the best thinks that aer part of the human.
We can do almost everythink with the Tecnology, So we can play, sing, travel, comunicate with other people around the world; but some people have used The Tecnology for improper things, a mean:

             Hack Systems.
             Interference about telecommunications.
             Between others.

Now whith just do the last two that i told you, they can do many things and if someone try to invent a new security of system always they have been looking the way of violate the Security System.


I think Beauty is very important for a person both physically and Mentally, So the marjory of peple think physically than mentally; that’s no right because first you have to think about your mental health and then think and How do i look?

There’s the main problem about last question; Some women think that they are fat and ugly because this is a psychological desease, and they are good looking.

Other case is when some people think “ I am very good ” that’s the opposite than last one paragraph, a mean they are fat, so they think is not bad but it is! mainly for their health.
That’s my opinion about Beauty and you can tell me what do you think.   

Answer these questions about Beauty
1.    What helps to shape kid’s ideas about beauty?
Kid’s ideas of what is beautiful are often shaped by the toys and pop stars they see around them
2.    When was Barbie introduced?
Barbie was introduced in 1959.
3.    Why might ideas about physical beauty continue to change?
When we think of a man who is handsome or a woman who is beautiful, our ideas are influenced by who we know and where we live.
4.    Why are unrealistic standards for beauty a problem?
There are several problems:
·         For one, it lowers a young woman’s self-image to try to compare herself to someone she can never be.
·         Second, someone young women who cannot look like supermodels and up starving themselves.
·         Third, it’s expensive about the beauty industry sells dissatisfaction with women’s bodies in order to make a profit.

5.    How have ideas of beauty changed since the 1950s?
I think these changes will not come; Barbie’s weighed 50 kilograms and measuring approximately 2.1 meters.
So, beauty was similar than Barbie´s was, many women dress and maintenance her body natural. I think a real beautiful woman is without make-up that’s happened on 50’s.